Dubai Chamber of Commerce forms a Steel Manufacturers Business Group

Dubai Chamber of Commerce has formed a "Steel Manufacturers Business Group" to improve the competitiveness of the iron and steel sector in Dubai, and provide a platform for industry stakeholders to voice concerns and to recommend policy changes.. The group held its first meeting to discuss their plans and priorities,

News points

  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce recently established a "Steel Manufacturers Business Group" to enhance the steel sector’s competitiveness.
  • The group held its first meeting, attended by the Chairman of the Steel Manufacturers Business Group and the Vice President of International Relations at Dubai Chamber of Commerce.
  • At the meeting, the group outlined new plans and priorities to support the growth of companies operating in Dubai's iron and steel industry sectors.
  • The new group is conceived as a a platform for Dubai's steel industry stakeholders to recommend policy changes to improve the business environment. The council claims the establishment of this group exemplifies the collaboration between the public and private sectors in Dubai.
  • The Group will also focus on promoting positive relationships between manufacturers and traders, while sharing mutual insights and trends on the steel industry.
  • Such business groups and councils have played a crucial role in promoting and supporting Dubai’s economy, by ensuring a favorable business environment and access to global growth opportunities.

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