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IndiaNews disclaimer

IndiaNews (established 2004), a privately held independent news generator, was originally formed to create rich text slugs from visual electronic media in real time for selective delivery to news professionals over mobile communication devices. Our reports are intended as background / alerts for news professionals in the field.

As an editorial content provider, IndiaNews recognises, respects and adheres to the ethical conduct acknowledged by both our industry and our peers. IndiaNews slugs reflect the events of our world today and therefore have a responsibility to be delivered to the customer with accuracy and impartiality. At no time do we permit non-editorial individuals or groups to have influence over our editorial coverage or workflow. The vast majority of slugs in the IndiaNews database are written by paid stringers / sourced from agencies and reviewed by an in-house editor. Comments from users of IndiaNews are formally addressed, with changes and/or additions incorporated as necessary.