This section contains links to important free news stories
  1. Exposed: The Hindu Rashtra Dal Inside India's Most Violent Far-Right Groups
  2. Ex-Army Chief Attacks Incompetent PM Modi and NSA Ajit Doval for Pulwama Massacre and Cover-up
  3. The Moral Timidity of Sachin Tendulkar

Business news

  1. Adani versus FT, the FT's controversial page - (2023, March 22), [Online]
  2. Steelfab 2023 was held at Expo Centre Sharjah, UAE - (2023, January 21), [Online]
  3. Steel production in GCC poised to enter golden age - (2023, January 3), [Online]
  4. Dubai Chamber of Commerce forms a Steel Manufacturers Business Group - (2023, January 11), [Online]
  5. Indian steel manufacturers can supply UAE need, says minister - (2022, December 27), [Online]
  6. UAE construction sector to rise as steel and building material prices fall - (2022, December 15), [Online]

Education news

  1. UK Exam boards WONT account GCSE Level students work affected strikes
  2. UK teachers strike 2023, When Why striking England Scotland Wales
  3. UK Historic London school closing abruptly leaving parents frantic
  4. UKs 11 plus tutor fees are now affordable via 11 plus online tutors from India
  5. UK parents increasingly turn to affordable 11 plus tutors from India charging £8 per hour
This section contains links to important archived free news stories
  1. IAC gets DDA to scrap Nilekani's UIDAI HQ sweetheart deal - This news report discusses the Indian anti-corruption movement's success in getting the Delhi Development Authority to cancel a controversial real estate deal involving the former head of the Unique Identification Authority of India.
  2. Andhra HC quashes appointment of 4 RTI commissioners - This news report covers the Andhra Pradesh High Court's decision to cancel the appointment of four commissioners to the state's Right to Information (RTI) panel, citing irregularities in the selection process.
  3. Information commissioners need not be judicial officers, rules Supreme Court - This news story reports on a recent ruling by the Indian Supreme Court stating that it is not necessary for information commissioners to have a background in the judiciary, opening up the field to a wider pool of candidates.
  4. Rajya Sabha nixes SC order on jailed candidates - A news article about the Rajya Sabha overturning a Supreme Court order related to jailed candidates.
  5. Populist spending drives rupee down - An article about how government spending policies have impacted the value of the Indian rupee.
  6. Narendra Dabholkar gunned down in Pune - A news report about the murder in cold blood of Narendra Dabholkar who took on babas like Asaram Bapu.
  7. Anna Retires from Anti-Corruption War
  8. Trinamool Congress Takes Lead to Form Third Front